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Karim Customs Clearance and International Shipping is one of the leading customs clearance companies in   Egypt.

The company has been established since 2010

Customs clearance

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International Shipping

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letter of guarantee

Letter of guarantee on ship transit shipments

Clearance of all customs transactions

The importer or customs clearer must submit a customs statement for each letter and attach the following documents to it:

The following documents can be attached to the Customs Statement on the goods received:

I: The following customs documents

Import documents

Third: Edit Customs Statement 19 K.M.

IV. Computerized data inclusion

Thus, the product of this step is the printing of the automatic declaration attached to the documents of the Customs Declaration and provided to the net No1 for the beginning of the Customs procedures

— the release of goods from the Customs Service and in accordance with articles 5 43 of the Customs Code, the Customs Administration we can do:

Collection of taxes and fees

Compliance with import and export rules.

Compliance with regulatory restrictions.

This is done through a certain system (so-called customs procedures)

Professional team working specially for your shipping

  • Ensure that your import or export process meets all the conditions and laws specified by each country,.
  • Extract all papers and documents needed by customs clearance process, such as import certificates, quality, and financial disclosures.
  • Extract all health approvals in the case of agricultural and food products that may be required by the health authorities of the country concerned.
  • Determine the financial fees and taxes you will need to pay according to the products you will import or export.
  • Support on transport and storage operations.
  • Provision of transport and freight services,

Experts in customs clearance and shipment for goods soon as possible & Complete safety

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