our clients

Our clients are a list of clients that we are honored as partners of our success story

  Al Obaji Chemicals Egypt

 Al Mostafa Industries & Designs Delta Specialized 

MHN Mahmoud Hassan Nassef 

International Group for Modern Paints Mido

 Nile Valley Company Multipharma for drugs and chemicals 

Mask Egypt

 Egypt Track For Supplies 

Golden Company for Import and Export

 El Omda Company for Import and Export

 Aqua International Company for Food Industries

 United Egyptian Cosmetics Systems Egypt

 Farouk Systems to manufacture natural and semi-natural compounds

 Polypharma for medical supplies

4 A Pharmaceutical Industries Fab 


midi class 

Atco Med Trading 

New Test Scientific Services Netco 

Mac Track Mahmoud Sameh Fahmy 

Tech Supplies

 Al-Bail for Import, Export and Customs Services

Tiba for medical services 

TCL Technical Chemical Technical Laboratories

Al-Basha for Import and Export 

Global Engineering Industries Kohler 

Al-Nour Industries to its owner, Muhammad Ali Awad Abu Triyeh 

Almasrya Import and Export

 Bassam Harbi Bancom Electronics 

El Mostafa for the manufacture of tools and electrical appliances Said Farag

 Malik Alzaman Muhammad Muhammad Abdel-Al Ibrahim

 Al-Hefnawy for circular weaving, knitting and ready-made clothes

Delta Textile Industries
 Majestic for clothes
Almotahida Tools and Equipment Ehab Sobhi
 Al Khwarizmi for Electrical Appliances & Supplies 
Hassan Hussein for the manufacture of foodstuffs
 Fresh Pharma 
Nile for Import and Export Mohamed El-Sigini